Trees for Tomorrow in Quincy, Illinois
Together we can rebuild the canopy

At one time in Quincy's history, Maine street and many others were flanked by large trees whose branches met in the middle to form a leafy canopy.

Over the years we have lost many of those trees to disease, weather or human interference. We now have gaping holes where majestic trees once stood. There is now a grass roots effort in our city to replant trees and rebuild the Maine Street canopy. A tree lined street is magical. Trees not only provide shade, they also clean and cool the air we breathe, their roots prevent runoff that carries pollutants to our rivers and streams. Proper placement of trees will reduce energy costs by as much as 50%!

PHASE ONE 2007-2008
Our first target area was 12th to 30th on Maine Street and 24th from Maine to Aldo Blvd. Over 150 trees were planted! We encouraged everyone to join the Trees for Tomorrow campaign to restore the canopy. Bergman Nurseries provided a variety of well chosen trees, suitable for our area. Each tree was planted with root hormone, fertilized, wrapped, mulched & watered for the first year as a special service. Most new tree orders included a memorial stone honoring family members. Now when you drive down Maine and 24th streets, you can see what a difference your partnership with Trees for Tommorrow has made!

It is important to remember when you purchase a tree through our not-for-profit, Trees for Tomorrow organization, your purchase is tax deductable and you have the option of adding a memorial plaque. In order to receive the tax deduction, all trees must be planted in the city's right of way.  View tree options. (PDF)


We appreciate your time and consideration of this worthy cause. If you have any questions please contact:
Anne St. John.....................223-0055
Dr. John and Candy Scott....242-9347
Barbara Cantrell..................224-5310

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